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Music and the Human Brain-2nd Edition is out

This section covers topics such as songwriting, composition, music production, and the creative process, as well as what is currently happening in the music scene, medical research, etc.

It is important to recognize that the statements in this section are solely my opinions and should not be taken as fact. It is important to do your own research and make decisions based on facts rather than opinion. It is also important to remember that opinions can change over time and should not be taken as concrete.


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It has been quite some time since the first edition of the book was written and published, seventeen years ago. Its goal was to provide a guide for later editions. Now the vision that was foreseen back then has come to fruition due to advances in research and publication. It is now undeniable that the most compelling argument about the origin and meaning of music has become much clearer. This book provides a masterful exploration with supporting evidence of why good music is essential and should never be disregarded. As research continues, the connection between music and the human brain is becoming more and more apparent, even in our dreams.

This book is essential reading for anyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of the significance of music in our lives.

Here's the link on Amazon:  

Music and the Human Brain--2nd Edition