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Honolulu, Hawaii, USA--

Our inclination to hearing music and dreaming are the most unsolved and neglected features of humankind. This is where Dr. Simon embarked on, putting all the pieces of the puzzles together from medicine, anthropology, archeology, history of human civilization, neuroscience, psychology, as well as musicology to explain why we are so crazy to listening and making music. According to Dr. Simon, music could be justified without challenging the different theories on the origin of music, and could be enlightened without the understanding of the Darwinian concept of human evolution. In Music and the Human Brain, Dr. Simon introduces us to the music, not only as an art but also as a science that perhaps will hold up such accepted wisdom--that music is symphonic rather than spurious reverberations. Whether you listen to Mozart or to Heavy Rap, music has a significant role in our lives--even subconsciously. Why do music generate such powerful force? Find the answers in this book. Thanks to cutting-edge revolutionary research in neuroscience and medicine. This book is a fascinating work that paves the way with supporting data of why music is indispensable and should not be dismissed as functionless evolutionary byproducts--it has a purpose.

--The Publisher, 2006

Are Music Just Spurious Reverberations?

You May Be Wrong!